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Famous Authors Who Were Rejected Repeatedly

August 29, 2009

I’m fortunate to have some of the best writing partners-in-crime in the world (in my opinion). One of my friends over on Writers’ Cafe said she came across a website and immediately thought about me. I found myself in better spirits after reading about famous authors, who were rejected–not only by agents but by publishers–numerous times. Their works are famous, and have been read by millions. After reading this article, I can honestly say that I have a whole new outlook on the writing/publishing biz. Take a look.

I also wanted to point out the words of Judy Bloome:

“I would go to sleep at night feeling that I’d never be published. But I’d wake up in the morning convinced I would be. Each time I sent a story or book off to a publisher, I would sit down and begin something new. I was learning more with each effort. I was determined. Determination and hard work are as important as talent.”

Her quote made me realize that persistence pays off, determination is required, and hard work is a given.