Good-bye…see you soon

April 14, 2010

This is my last post here on WordPress.  I will miss you terribly.  You have been so good to me but I’ve found someone new.  Yes, dear WordPress, we are moving.  It’s not you, it’s me and Annie and Krista and Kathleen and Sarah and Vee and Jamie and Debra and Holen.  Yes, we have decided to drop you.  We are changing our name, getting a face-lift and some shiny new people. Don’t take it personally.

We now have Leah and Tahereh.  It’s so awesome, squee.  I know you will miss us but our new home allows us to have followers.

Hey!  Speaking of followers…  If you have figured out where we are moving tomorrow then hurry up and follow us before it’s official.  You see, there will be a special treat for those who already follow, pssst, we already have 25 32 35 😀  If you wonder where we will be then click on the side links to our personal blogs, some of us have a very pretty badge that links to our new home.

Be on the lookout for our super-de-dooper contests and kick-off party.  We are all so excited and want to thank you for reading our posts by offering prizes.  There are books, a special agent offer, gift card type things and possibly more.  We are also going to have some new things to offer on the blog and a, well, an embarrassing video.  Yep, I’m cringing in shame.

So, find our new location or come back tomorrow for the link and actual announcement with a kick-off post and contest at our new home.



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