From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.

March 2, 2010

Writing of cats in tall striped hats and Things of one and two,

Seuss taught us through sneetches who strolled on the beaches,

He showed us the places we’ll go.

Foxes in soxes and green eggs and ham,

They’re not just for Sam, but part of who I am.

So I thank you, Dr. Seuss, for letting them lose,

Yertle and Horton, Cindy Lou and The Grinch,

Max and Zax, The Glunk and The Lorax.


In honor of Theodor Seuss Geisel’s birthday, I’m giving away a set of six Dr. Seuss tote bags made of recycled plastic. 

To win, post your best *Seuss-style comment telling us of your favorite story, creature, or memory featuring something Seussical!  The one I like best wins!  Post now through Friday, March 5th.

*It has to rhyme!  J




  1. My favorite Seuss character would have to be
    The little orange Lorax who speaks for the trees
    He fought against the Onceler, who created a thneed,
    A cloth-like material for every single need!
    He fought for the Swomee-Swans & Brown Barbaloots,
    To keep the precious Truffula Tree at their roots
    But it’s not until the Lorax leaves that the Onceler finally sees,
    The world was so much better with those colorful Truffula Trees.

    Wow, that was so lame. I’m a horrible rhymer, but I tried!

  2. I like hats, like Batholomew Cubbins,
    taking off hats till his fingers were nubbins!

  3. I have many favorite stories you see. I have as many as the alphabet letters A-Z!

    The Cat in the Hat… oh goodness me! I love this book for than tea loving people love tea. It was the first book I remember reading. I remember that if anyone tried to get me to stop, I’d give them a beating (of course now the desire is only fleeting)!

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go has taught me everything I know. Yes, indeed, it’s given me confidence to know that I’ll succeed.

    Green Eggs and Ham with his fantabulous antics, he make me laugh so hard that my neighbors looks at me in a frantic panic!

    The stories taught me to say what I mean and mean what I say. Without a doubt, these stories make me smile everyday!

    Dr. Seuss has made my childhood an exciting walk in the park, I’ll be reading these stories even after the lights go dark.

    Oh dear, I can’t stop rhyming. It’s such a weird timing since it’s about time I start flying back to Homework Hole. I appreciate you hosting this contest, I appreciate more than you’ll know! =D

  4. I do love my Sam-I-Am,
    And read to him Green Eggs and Ham.
    I would read it here or there,
    I would read it everywhere
    To see him smile so very wide,
    To hear him laugh – I’m filled with pride
    That he now shares this super silly
    Story with his sister Lily.

  5. I always loved There’s a Wocket in my Pocket
    I want to wrap it up in a locket
    where I can read it every day
    and every way
    I can read it on my head,
    sideways, sitting, or when in bed.
    I could take it with every where
    if I dare.

  6. I do love Horton hears a who
    It told me little people matter too
    And maybe, up there in the sky
    Other worlds on pollen fly
    Our little problems seem quite small
    When universes sprawl and sprawl
    And there’s smaller ones than us, too
    So cover your mouth when you go “a-tishoo”!

  7. My little brother likes only the Wockets,
    His favorite story’s about the one in a pocket.
    I’d read it to him, night after night,
    Until he knew each word by sight.

    Now that he’s four he’s reading quite a lot,
    But there’s one special story he’s still got:

    There’s a Wocket in my Pocket’s it the one we shared,
    So he would know that his big sister cared,

    A whole awful lot.

  8. If only I knew exactly how to run a zoo
    I think I’ll leave that up to Gerald McGrew
    Maybe I could stand pompous Yertle the Turtle
    One snap from him and I would send him to Burtle

    But there’s some Seussification going in here
    As my favorites, the Whos would stand up and cheer
    There would be no need to go down to Nool
    No need to go and ask my cousin Rahul

    Sylvester McMonkey McBean even congratulated me
    On a fact I’ve always know, even since I was three
    Even though I can clearly hear you snortin’
    I am literally in fact half a Horton



    Thanks for this contest! Oh and just for the last line to make sense, Horton is my mother’s maiden name.

  9. A great and inspirational contest! Here’s my try….

    Thank You, Thank You, Sam-I-Am!
    Gregory K.

    Would you like to learn to read?

    All books are dull. I see no need.

    All books are dull? No! Take a look –
    Green Eggs and Ham! Here, try this book.

    If you will let me be,
    I will try it. You will see.

    This book is great! I see the need –
    I understand why I should read!

    Now I will read books in a train
    And in a car and on a plane.
    And I will read while in a house
    And in a box and with a mouse.
    Now I will read books here and there.
    Yes, I will read books anywhere!

    Thank you to Green Eggs and Ham!
    Thank you! Thank you, Sam-I-Am!

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