My Writing Retreat & OPWFT’rs Unite!

February 3, 2010

While many lucky writers in the publishing industry attended SCWBI in New York, I attended my own writer’s retreat of sorts in Gatlinburg Tennesee. And as Absolutewriter’s from across the country met up for the first time, I also had a meet and greet of my own, including meeting a fellow OPWFT blogger and Georgia girl, Jennifer Wood. Itwas supposed to be five chicklets chillin’ in the cabin, but for fellow AW’er Amanda and her teacher buddy/writer buddy, their trip got cut short because of bad weather where they live. Once they got started, they had to turn back because the roads got too bad. So, it was just Jennifer, myself, and another AW’er, Regan. 

When I was younger, Gatlinburg was a constant vacation destination. My grandparents would load up the trusty Buick with my mom, aunt, cousin, and I, and we’d begin the four hour trek through Northern Georgia to North Carolina and then over into Tennessee. I have some wonderful memories there. However, this was the first time I drove solo, and it was also the first time I went in the winter. I took a personal day from school on Friday, leaving around 9:15 in the morning because the weather report was predicting…SNOW! Yes, I know some of you have a hate relationship with snow, but for a girl who doesn’t get to see it a lot, it was THRILLING! 

So, I’ll part here and begin the picture/story board of the trip! 


The mountain from Cherokee, North Carolina into Gatlinburg, Tennesee is one of winding roads and beautiful views. Here is a picture I stopped to take: 


Here’s some pics of the cabin!















 *Even though it was freezing outside, I did some serious novel plotting in my mind while relaxing in the hottub! 

 And here’s a pic of the “writing nook” where I did all my writing and editing. Even though I had the best intentions to work on one of my two WIPS, I was still stuck knee deep in revision Hell for my UAUF, The Guardians. I did get a lot of work done inbetween bouts of “internet distractions”!







Here I am chillin’ in my Snuggie!!! Yeah, no makeup….a wee bit scary!  





  A nice snow ball after the big Saturday snow! We basically stayed in the cabin from Friday until Sunday with only one break of moving the cars to keep from sliding!






Jen having some issues with the frozen snow and ice! It’s so awesome being able to meet up with people you’ve become friends with on the boards. It was like we’d been buds forever! How amazing is it that Absolutewrite can do all of that? 







And here we are: Two Absolutewrite bloggers just about to pack up and head home. Great view of the the mountains from the deck!   





‘s a lot like Panama City Beach in the notion that you MUST leave with a tacky airbrush shirt. It’s a given. I had intentions of suprising my original, OPWFT’ers with an airbrush t-shirt, but when I was given the pricequote, I about fell over. So, $25.00 later, here is a t-shirt commemorating our “inside joke” with the Golden Girls Book Tour. For those of you who don’t know. we were being goofy on the boards one night and joking that we would get published when we were senior citizens ala Golden Girls and go on a book tour in 2054. So, here’s the t-shirt front and back celebrating fellow OPWFT Bloggers Annie, Becca, Jamie, Stephanie and Me–the Golden Girls Book Tour!

So, great times on the writing retreat. Can’t wait to go again or meet up with more of my Absolutewriters!




  1. Dude, you rock for getting that shirt. Srsly.


    Looks like you guys had a blast. Hopefully I can make it next time. 😀

  2. I want a shirt! Damn I’m jealous! We are all going next time! Hehehehehehehe

  3. So jealous. That looks way fun! Next time, let’s have an OPWFT writer’s retreat in Scotland. We can stay in DH’s uncle’s house overlooking a loch. 😀 (Yeah, I totally just offered his house without asking…)

  4. Laura, I’m totally in for the Scotland retreat! I’ve always wanted to go. Waaaay cool!

  5. *totally jealous* Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!
    Count me in for Scotland 😛

  6. AHHHH THAT SHIRT IS SWEET!!!! I have to get one!!! Sounds like you guys had a great time!!


  7. Just for the record, I was getting my Dr.Pepper unstuck from the snow where I left it, purposefully, the night before. We’ll all have to meet up soon!!

  8. Dieing from jealousy guys!

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