Hot Boys of The Literary World

January 18, 2010

Some men of literature we love, we hate, or find our self torn about. But no matter what, they bring out strong emotions in the female reader. Which brings me to my main question: What makes you swoon? Is it the way he looks, or how he treats the female love intrest? Like all women I find different traits attractive in a man, but I think we all like the unattainable guy that only shows his softer side to the girl he loves.

 In the upcoming year or two, so many of our favorite boys will be coming to the big screen for movie adaptations, which excites me and frightens me at the same time because sometimes Hollywood nails it and sometimes they don’t. When I read a novel I picture the character vividly in my mind based on the writers description, and I hate when my dream gets shot down by a fugly boy.

 So let me ask you this, as a writer, how do you develop your male character? Do you simply create a man that you’d fall head over heels for, or do you ask around, find out what’s hot?  

 There are so many hotties in the literary world. Who’s your favorite?




  1. Let’s see. Favorite hottie in the literary world: Sarah Monette’s Mildmay. Because, he rocks and was kind of an inspiration for my character Damian.

    In my own writing, what’s hot? Snarkiness, irony and gritty dialogue! If we’re talking physical features, then the whole thing becomes more subjective. Personally, I do have an eye fetish, but I try to avoid having it take up too much room in my character description. Another thing that I particularly like about my male characters are their scars. Both physically and emotionally, because both kinds tend to tell intriguing stories.

  2. I’ve got a thing for both Dimitri and Adrian from Vampire Academy. Guess I’m fickle like that. Adrian, bc he’s so lovably flawed and tormented, and Dimitri–well, bc he’s so strong, sensitive and, let’s face it–hawt! 😀
    Okay, so maybe he’s a teesy evil now, but I’m hoping Rose can fix that!

  3. Ooops–last comment by Debra

  4. Derek from the ‘Darkest Powers’ series by Kelly Armstrong. Definately a werewolf guy that will give old Jacob a run for his money.

  5. My literary crush is Patch from ‘Hush, Hush.’ He was definitely swoon-worthy.

  6. HAHA, aw, Annie, and your hot men! Love the post!

  7. I’ll second Dmitri from Vampire Academy, but I also absolutely LOVE Seth from Wicked Lovely. Although these two characters don’t really have this, I tend to like flaws, especially emotional ones. I love it when the guy isn’t perfect in every way. It seems more real to me. Plus, if they happen to work through their issues because of their love–it’s cliche, I know–I definitely swoon!

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