Something Old and Something New…

December 13, 2009

As you may have inferred from our name, most of us remember the days before mass email and Google. The days when you actually had to write letters and put stamps on them.

To celebrate the old (us–though we’ve been assured that twenty-eight is the new sixteen) embracing the new (Twitter), we’re launching a Twitter contest.

The old? Cool vintage postcards. The New? You win them by tweeting.

Here’s how it works. Watch the blog for vintage postcards. Each postcard will be accompanied by a question.
Tweet your answer to the question to @OPWFT by 10:00PM AST that evening and you’ll be entered to win that postcard.

Only one tweet per twitter user will be eligible. Residents of US and Canada only. You’ll also have to be following us so we can send you a direct message if you win.

Follow OPWFT on Twitter



  1. How fun! 🙂

  2. […] have to be following @OPWFT to play. Full contest rules can be found here. The contest closes at 8:00PM AST, so you have almost eight hours to narrow down your […]

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