Everyone Post a Snip

August 7, 2009

Today’s Friday. That means all contributors post a snip of something they’ve been working on so we can all get a little taste of everyone’s writing…


“I know this is useless, but Devon, I have no idea who AJ is. I didn’t put anyone up to anything. I have no interest in ruining your life.”

I watched him, the noise in the next room fading away. “Don’t play with me.”

“I have no reason to. I never did.” He was drinking Dos Equis. If I focused on the bottle, I didn’t really have to see him. I could pretend he wasn’t there.


Sarah – Alaskan Tempest

I strode to the bedroom, resisting the strong urge to run out the front door and dive into the nearest snow bank. Who needed a cold shower when you lived in Maine?

I stumbled into the narrow hallway, pushing open the pine-wood door to my room. Three twin sized beds awaited me, my jacket hanging on the side of the farthest one. I walked towards it, trying to put the jumbled mess in my head back together again. Once I sat down on the mattress, I pulled my glasses from the bridge of my nose and rubbed my hands over my forehead and temples, wiping away the beads of sweat that had formed, trying desperately to get my heart rate down.

A swift tapping came from the cracked door. Adrian entered smoothly, walking casually to the closet and yanking his coat from a hanger. “You ok, Sport?” Sport. He drawled out every letter, utterly regaled by my discomfort.

“Shut up. Let’s go.”


Jamie from Lost To Me

I felt his mental cringe.  Everybody in the room felt it from the look of it.  Nobody even breathed.  Kolton’s eyes were closed, like he was meditating before facing the devil.  Then, he turned to face her.

“I’m really great Tab, how about you?”

Tab.  I wanted to gag.

“How’s your brother?”  She tossed a hand on her hip and threw her hair behind her shoulder.  Good jab, Tab, I thought.  She’d gone right for what hurt him most.

“Fine,” he said.

“Hmm.  Not what I heard.  I hope you’ll be able to play next year, especially since taking care of Kyle takes up all of your time.  You know, so much time you couldn’t have a relationship.”  She shot me a nasty look.  “She must be a Spring Breaker, huh?  Needed a lay with no strings attached?”

My eyes bulged – I thought they might fall out of my head.  “Excuse–”

Kolton held his hand up to me and shook his head.  “It’s not worth it.”

“That’s not what you said last time.”  She smirked.  “From what I recall, you thought it was very worth it.”

“Tabby, I’m not getting into it with you.  There’s no point.  I’m with Lauren and that’s it.  Say what you want, that’s not going to change.”

Rob came over, the host of the worst party I’d ever been to.  “Everybody having fun?”  He was shitfaced and rubbed up against Tabby.

Tabby turned her skinny booty toward him and they started grinding to the music.  She drilled her eyes into Kolton’s.

“I want to leave,” I whispered in his ear.

“She’ll go away.”

“I’m not staying here one more minute.  I’ll be in the car.  You can come if you want.”  I marched up the stairs.  He followed right behind me.

Once we were upstairs and alone, he turned me around by my shoulders.  “I’m sorry.  I thought we’d have fun.  I wanted to introduce you to my friends.  I didn’t know it’d end up like this.”

I put my hand on my throbbing forehead.  “I know.  It’s not your fault.  Let’s just go.”

We walked to his car in silence.  I burned in humiliation, able to hear the music, splashing in the pool and loud, jeering girl’s voices.  I hated them.


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