Welcome to OPWFT

June 29, 2009

Writing a manuscript is easy—the aftermath, not so much. There’s editing, revising, and finding the perfect beta reader. And then (cue suspense music) there’s the search for a Rock Star agent who will love your precious as much as you do for entrance into the Ivy League of writing: Publishers. The wait is tough, so surrounding yourself with an awesome support group is a must.


Old People Writing for Teens is a collection of writers who . . . write for teens. Our literary endeavors range from contemporary to paranormal to literary, and fantasy. Some of our members have just started their first manuscript, while others are dancing the dreaded query go-round. We even have a couple agented bloggers. Join us as we discuss our manuscripts, the bumpy road to finding an agent, and review the work of kick-ass published authors.


Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you around often.


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  1. Great blog name, so very unique. 🙂

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